Racing League

In 2008 the Guernsey Velo Club launched a weekly U12 racing league for children aged between 6 and 11 (school years 1 to 6), this league has gone from strength to strength and for 2010 we increased the age range of this league to include U14 riders to cater for the children as they moved from primary to senior school…we will now cater for children up the age of 15 (school year 10) as many just don’t want to stop racing on a Wednesday night.  The 2015 season saw 150 children register for the league producing a fantastic season of racing.  The GVC is very fortunate to have a purposely laid tarmac track at Delancey Park just for cycle racing; in fact we have the full support of Culture and Leisure to use the majority of varied terrain at Delancey Park for the Wednesday evening racing league.  The race programme will include all forms of cycle racing such as:


Courses will be designed with younger riders in mind and in every case the safety of the rider will be uppermost.


This is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in one of the finest and exciting sports in Guernsey; we are looking for future champions and anybody wishing to improve their fitness and cycling skills.  There are prizes to be won for those competing throughout the summer league series.  We look forward to seeing you at Delancey Park.


Further information on the PraxisIFM Flyers Racing League

The PraxisIFM Flyers racing league is organised by members of the Guernsey Velo Club


The activity leaders is:    Chris Le Page

Course venue is:               Cycle Circuit, Delancey Park, St Sampsons

Start date:                         Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Start time:                         18:30 (sign on no later than 18:10) - First day 18:00

Finish time:                       19:30 (approx)

End date:                           Wednesday 16th August 2017


For more information about the PraxisIFM Flyers Racing League please contact:

Chris Le Page: Tel 07781 126569 [email protected]


Delancey Park 

Delancey Park will be the main venue for the Racing League as it provides a safe environment for both forms of bike riding. The park with it’s variety of terrain enables us put on the many different types racing each year for the racing league.  We are very lucky to have the use of Delancey Park as it has lots of variety and we can design many types of race courses to make the racing exciting.


Delancey Park can be regarded as the centre of Youth cycle racing in Guernsey in the same way as Footes Lane is seen as the centre for athletics.



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