Honorary Club President - Gary Wallbridge

Gary Wallbridge Home: 01481 241075 Work: 01481 715 234 Mobile: 07781 106 768 E-Mail: [email protected]

Honorary General Secretary - Graham Le Maitre

Graham Le Maitre Garham joined the Velo club in the late 90's. came from a sport that was the "art of standing still" (shooting) to a slightly more active one. Main interests are road racing and time trialing, you will often see him atop a tandem time trial bike. His day time roll as a Paramedic with the Ambulance & Rescue Service comes in very hand at the end of his time trials! Home: 244162 Email: [email protected]

Honorary Treasurer - Pete Miller

Pete Miller Pete has ridden and raced mountain bikes for about 20 years, with a brief stint on road bikes in the mid 2000 and has been a member of the Guernsey Velo Club almost as long. His day job and previous charity experiences should stand him in good stead for the role of honourary treasurer. Email: [email protected]

Racing Secretary - Paul Jackson

Due in shortly.... Email address: [email protected]

Press & Publicity Officer - Karina Bowie

Karina Bowie Karina started cycling in her mid 30’s, she’s competed in various big events including the Island Games, the World and National Championships and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Her love is for time trailing, however she will always have a go at anything even though her MTB and downhill skills may be a little sketchy! Email: [email protected]

Mountain Bike Co-Ordinator - Dan Thwaite

Dan Thwaite Dan started mountain biking in the mid 90’s on rigid bikes with canti brakes, things have come on a long way since then thankfully. He's spent 20 years now riding & racing mountain bikes and building trails all over the world Email: [email protected]

Mountain Bike Co-Ordinator - Gary Robert

Due in shortly..... Email: [email protected]

Child Protection Officer - Maxime Le Cheminant

Maxime Le Cheminant Max enjoys both Mountain and Road cycling, you will also see her regularly commutting to work by bike, shes does admit to being a supporter rather than a competitor when it comes to racing! Has been involved with the Flyers for a few years now as a parent helper and more recently as the Child Protection Officer. Enjoys being involved with the Juniors racing program and watching the youngsters progress. Email: [email protected]

Cycling Development Officer & Coaching Co-Ordinator - Paul Brehaut

Paul Brehaut Email: [email protected]

Chief Race Marshal - Tony Lane

Tony Lane Tony first got into cycling in the late 90s as a mountain biker and raced numerous events in the UK, having lots of fun but little success. He then got into road cycling thanks to the camaraderie of the Kingston Wheelers in SW London, as a result of which Tony's idea of a perfect ride is a long brisk club run with a cake stop. The art of fixed wheel commuting into central London provided its own enjoyment for many years, which might explain why Tony thinks that Guernsey drivers are very nice. These days, Tony's cycling is less frequent and is mainly combined with a commute.

Safety Officer - Mark Smith

Mark Safe Smith Mark has always ridden bikes but caught the racing bug in 2005, he's done various big events on both Road and MTB including several Etapes, La Ruta Conquistadores in Costa Rica, the Transrockies and Mallorca 312, always on the look out for the next epic ride. Although a mountain biker at heart he's faster on a road bike and loves a sprint finish. "I'm not built for climbing" Email: [email protected]